* A General Introduction to the Ayahuasca Experience— a comparing and contrasting of Santo Daime works and traditional ayahuasca ceremonies, with great information for new persons going into their first experience. By FDMD founding fardado David Bartholomew.
* Preface to Forest of Visions by Alex Polari Written by Jonathan Goldman— The preface by leader of The Church of the Holy Light of the Queen, in Ashland, Oregon, Jonathan Goldman, of one of the treasured books (in English) of the lineage of the Santo Daime, “Forest of Visions”, by Padrinho Alex Polari de Alverga. Another nice introduction to this tradition.
* Might the Gods be Alkaloids— a well-written article/essay by Pad. Alex Polari, putting Santo Daime into historical context, and detailing much on the “miracao”– the mystical level of consciousness one can achieve via the medicine.


*— official home of S.D. on the web and a good clearinghouse of informtion (click in upper right corner to view in English).
*— archive of downloadable Santo Daime hinos (hymns)/hinarios (blocks of hymns).