Flower of the Divine Mother/Flor da Mae Divina

A Safe, Warm, Nurturing Church in the Santo Daime Tradition

Flower of the Divine Mother/Flor da Mae Divina

Flor da Mae Divina (Flower of the Divine Mother, FDMD) is a 501c3 non-profit church in the Santo Daime tradition, based in Southern California. Established in 2008 and tracing its roots to the Amazonian forests of Brazil, FDMD has also attained its complete legal status as far as incorporating its sacrament, Santo Daime (a.k.a. ayahuasca, yage’ or other in various traditions), via U.S. District Court decision, based on R.F.R.A. (the Religious Freedom Restoration Act) and in cooperation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.).

From its inception the clearly stated mission of FDMD has been:

  • To hold a point of light honoring the lineage of our spiritual elders and guides.
  • To call in the Divine Mother to heal humanity through compassion, love, cooperation, humility, gratitude, prayer and forgiveness.
  • To honor and protect our sacrament for religious purposes. 
  • To create and maintain a sacred place to worship which is lead from the heart.
  • To create an environment for newcomers that is safe, warm, nurturing and kind.
  • To build community that holds positive social values, upholds inclusiveness, practices non-violent communication, transparency and respects all of Divine creation.

We thank you for your interest, welcome you to look around and honor the highest path of your soul wherever it takes you.