About FDMD

Flor da Mae Divina (FDMD) was established with a mission to lead from the heart— to offer a safe space for all to undertake their healing and transformation, and to evolve over time into a supportive organization with expanding service in the community.

Founding member/”fardada” Vicki Kraft, and an experienced core of longtime fardados (those who have answered a call to service) uphold these aims and are here to guide you through this powerful work.

The Board

Vicki Kraft– Founder/President

Vicki first began her journey with the Santo Daime in 1999. She is a mother, grandmother, sister, psychotherapist, spiritual leader and a good friend. She is active in the legal movement of plant medicines and the medicine community in general and has been working on FDA approved clinical trials as a co-therapist of MDMA and Psilocybin assisted psychotherapy. She loves to care for her garden, spend time with her family and friends, be in nature and travel. Her vision for Flor da Mãe Divina is to see the current grow organically, to always come from the space of the heart, to continue to build a loving community firm in the Santo Daime, supporting one another, our communities and to be good listeners.

David Bartholomew– co-Founder

A founding member of Flor da Mãe Divina, Daimista since 2004. Facilitator in Holistic Healing, Motivation, Empowerment. Originator of the One World Flag—an international symbol of diversity. From its inception Flor da Mãe Divina was birthed in the name of some lofty ideals—primarily distilling down to operating from the heart, maintaining clear and open communication and transparency and honoring all. The church was on the forefront of obtaining legality in the use of our sacrament, and continues to be part of one of the first and only organizations in the States to be accorded this status. I shall always consider FDMD “my baby”, along with the other founders, board members, and dedicated loving community; and I shall continue to work behind-the-scenes to aid in fostering even more growth and service of which we can all be proud.

Daniel Brezenoff– co-Founder

Daniel is a licensed clinical social worker and practicing psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, a municipal public servant and political consultant, a part-time musician, and one of the founding members of Flor da Mãe Divina. . Daniel has provided orientations to dozens of newcomers to the Daime, and enjoys drumming in the current. He lives in Long Beach with his wife and two children. Having first come to Santo Daime in 2003, I continue to support the building of a new church out of an interest in social justice, transparency and accountability for organizational leaders, and a commitment to creating and holding safe healing spaces for all.

Kor Element– Treasurer

Kor has been with the Daime since 2014 and a Fardado since 2015. He got his star at Ceu Dos Ventos in the Netherlands with Padrinho Alfredo, which he considers his father church. Now, Kor Element is a member of Flor da Mãe Divina, which he only naturally considers his mother church. I plan to oversee the seeking and applying for grants to help the church fund ventures in the future. A physical church home will be a beautiful achievement for the Flor da Mãe Divina family believe deep in my heart that there’s a plan.

Cathlyn Joy Fabunan-Alvarenga

Joy is a Health and Wellness guide and mentor specializing in whole-body cellular regeneration, Iridology and herbal tonics. Her favorite place is being surrounded in the loving arms of Nature. You’ll also find her in the kitchen where she loves experimenting and fixing up delicious food for others. After years of praying and searching for a deeper meaning to life, the Santo Daime found her during her first trip to Brazil and nine months later in 2012, she received her star at Ceu dos Anjos in Los Angeles. She has been a member of FDMD since 2014 and one of the most profound growing experiences in her spiritual growth happened in Flor da Mãe Divina, which Joy considers her home. My vision for FDMD is to bring everyone together, strengthen community, and cultivate heart-centered support as we all grow and realize our dreams together in this ever-changing world.

Kari Hendrick

Kari has been with the Daime since 2015 and received her star in February of 2016 in Ashland, Oregon with Jonathan Goldman at Church of the Holy Light of the Queen. Kari has a special love for human beings, creating connections, and living a life of experience and meaning. She works on the developmental team of a group of vegetarian restaurants in Los Angeles, and spends her free time in the ocean, on the beach, and in the beautiful mountains. I will always remember my first Daime experience, and the feeling of finally ‘coming home.’ I feel blessed to be surrounded by such inclusive, kind and safe humans, and hope to help usher the access and communion of this sacred sacrament for all humans.

Ben Speigelman– Secretary

Ben has been working as a builder and designer in creative industries since 2001. Currently he works as a designer and fabricator for motion pictures, live events, gallery artists, and individuals. Ben first encountered the Santo Daime in 2013, after several years of spiritual seeking, at a work with Padrinho Alex. He took his star in 2016. As a member of Flor da Mãe Divina, my mission is to help protect the special energy present in this current, and to nurture a deeper relationship to our doctrine, the wisdom of our spiritual guides, and the teachings of our patron, Padrinho Alex Polari. I hold a vision for a mature, intergenerational legal Santo Daime church firmly rooted in California.



  • January 30th, 2008– FDMD formed
  • June, 2014– Legal Status Achieved
  • July 24th, 2019– Non-Profit Status awarded


Attending a Work (ceremony)

Thank you for your interest in the possibility of participating in a work (aka ceremony) with Flor da Mae Divina.

In the tradition of Santo Daime all are welcome, but none are invited, meaning– there is no enrolling involved, and a prospective participant must basically follow an inner call and get oneself to the work. You must come to know this is something for you and come to it only if/as/when you are ready.

At the same time that all are welcome– including those of any other religion, spiritual tradition or none of the above– one must enter knowing this is a church and to respect the process. Flor da Mae Divina follows a tradition going back to the Brazilian Amazon and benefits greatly from this lineage. All here has been sublimely guided to allow everyone to achieve the highest, most sacred journey for all. As with a drum circle, or concert, where the groove kicks in, you will have your personal experience, while jointly sharing the collective encounter. In our lingo– the ship wants to take all as high or deep as they can go, and bring things to a close, landing safely, with all intact. There is a respectful balance between allowing each their experience, while not interfering with that of others.

There is a process to be accepted into your first work– interview, completion of medical history and waiver forms and then a comprehensive orientation prior to the day– all intended to have you feeling safe, comfortable, informed.

New persons may be limited due to space issues, as well as our desire to have sufficient guardians (experienced members or fardados) present to guide you through the experience safely.

FDMD is a single sacrament church. That is– no other substance shall be allowed in the space.

To express interest, obtain information and get the ball rolling please Email us.